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20-22 November 2020

"Creating a sustainable future for children in developing countries"

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"Our mission is to use the power of music to create a sustainable future for children in developing countries"

Set For Love Xmas Appeal

Building on the success of our previous events, the Set For Love Xmas appeal will take place from 20th - 22nd November.  Launching on World Children's Day, our fundraising focus this time is on creating sustainable futures for children in developing countries.

With Carl Cox, Sasha, Kevin Saunderson & Fatima Hajii already confirmed with more headline DJs TBA - we will once again be aiming to unite DJs of all levels around the world to play a Set For Love and change a child’s life forever in the process.

Funds raised in our Set For Love Xmas Appeal will be distributed across a number of projects in developing countries focused on creating sustainable futures for vulnerable children and young adults.  These include projects to stop child labour and get children into education, a centre for the rehabilitation of young girls who have experienced sex trafficking and domestic abuse & the creation of sustainable resources including water wells.

We will be supporting projects in the following countries:


Many families are still struggling following the lockdown and with the economic crisis there has been a huge increase in poverty and unemployment.

With families unable to feed their children and previous education funding from charities drying up, children are being forced to give up their education and undertake back breaking work in quarries for an absolute pittance. 

Just £3 a week keeps a child out of the quarries and in education, with nutritional support.

The Philippines

Girls Development Centre -  Working with the partner charity Indigo - we intend to partially fund the building of a much needed new centre to support young girls escaping from abuse and trafficking.

The centre will be focused on counselling, rehabilitation and vocational training. Many of these young girls have been through unimaginable horrors at the hands of sex-traffickers, kidnappers and domestic abusers.  

The centre will provide much-needed space for 52 young women our partner charity is already working with. The facilities will also be accessible for up to a further 750 children from the community slum areas. The centre is expected to complete in 2021.


Food insecurity is a major issue in Uganda. Access to food is affected by poverty, price instabilities, poor infrastructure and lack of market. Consequently 22% of the households in Uganda consume only one meal per day.  This situation worsened with the lockdown when only a few farmers were able to plant as expected which resulted in low production and limited food supply to markets and thus food insecurity. 

Restrictions on the movement of people caused by the ban on transport in the wake of the pandemic constrained the procurement of farm inputs, seeds and other services. With limited access to inputs this affected a number of farmers around the country causing a food shortage and a spike in food prices. There was also panic buying which left many families with no food.

Food insecurity has a particularly devastating effect on young, growing children. We aim to support families to regain food security.

£83 buys a seed pack & provides food sustainability.

Danushadam, Nepal

As is the case globally, the education of the local children in Danushadam has suffered due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We will be continuing our work with grassroots charity on the ground Chora Chori and in particular supporting local education projects to cover the provision of teachers.  

Just £44 a week pays a teacher to enable a brighter future for the children.

Have A Drink On Us Campaign - Africa

As this global pandemic continues, clean water is even more important than ever - to stop the spread of the coronavirus as well as water borne diseases. Yet sadly, we live in a world where 785 million people do not have access to clean water nearby and a staggering 2 billion don’t have access to proper sanitation.

Some of the funds raised in the Xmas Appeal will be used in our well building programme. Through this we have already built 68 wells in parts of India and Africa, giving 46,000 people daily access to clean fresh water.

This benefits the whole community but especially the young girls of school age who are traditionally the water collectors in the family. Instead of spending hours a day finding water, children can receive an education, the value of which is priceless

Just £15 will provide a family with clean, safe water for the next ten years.

Set For Love History

Set For Love livestreams have been a phenomenal success. Conceived and executed in lockdown, our aim was to unite DJs and save lives.

So far in 2020 we’ve held two 72-hour mixing marathon’s that inspired thousands of DJ’s to livestream and fundraise together. Set For Love is unique in bringing DJs of all levels together, from bedroom DJs to A list superstars. Industry giants including Carl Cox, Eats Everything and Nightmares On Wax played a leading role in the event - inspiring many other DJs to get involved. Thousands of other DJs took part from over 80 countries. They each promoted their set to their friends, family and fans and asked for donations as part of this mega mixing marathon.

Over £80,000 was raised for our COVID-19 Relief Appeal as a result. These funds continue to provide food, clean water, sanitation and medical supplies to some of the vulnerable communities we work with in developing countries. These include Nepal, Tanzania, Uganda and Indonesia.

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life

About Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (LNADJ)

For the last 10 years we’ve been creating unique fundraising initiatives for the electronic music industry and beyond. LNADJ's overall mission is to support children in crisis around the world through linking with various grassroots projects around the world.

The foundation’s original aim was to create positive change through the creativity and energy found on dance floors worldwide. Faced with global lockdown, our attention has turned to harnessing this same energy online to create the world’s biggest DJ collective and demonstrate the power of music like never before. 

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life is a charitable foundation registered with the Charities Commission for England and Wales no 1142478

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